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The original of this image was a very large format painting now owned by Dr. Ann Grooms for her Crescent Beach home. The sky in it is one of the most successful I feel I have ever achieved ... but it took endless layering to get the dynamism that began to magically appear after hours of working. In order to achieve these skies, I have found that being spontaneous works best... probably true in most of my recent work. Suprises are where the rewards come.
The colors in these grasses were almost too intense until I took the same naples yellow acrylic paint I had used in the sky and using a very dry brush went over the grass to subdue it. Now the bright colors peak through and the grass reflects the sky.

Available now as an Archival Giclee in a variety of sizes. See pricing & ordering folder for more details.

Big Sky, Florida Horizon
Big Sky, Florida Horizon
Mixed Media
16 x 20 Archival Giclee